• Introducing Service Manager for Office 365

    Take a service centric approach to managing your Office 365 deployment.
    • Cross Service Identity Management
    • License Management/Optimization
    • Onboarding/Transferring
    • Offboarding
  • Considering the Move to Office 365?

    Migrating and managing your content in the cloud doesn’t have to be tough. Maximize benefits by pre-planning and learn best practices to help reduce friction and increase productivity for your Microsoft investments. Make your move to the cloud a success
  • OneDrive Management Suite

    Download a free 14-day trial of KMWorld's 2014 Trend-Setting Products award winner that empowers users to mass migrate, analyze, administer, backup and secure information stored in Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for Business
  • Control Without Any
    Server-Side Install!

    Are you considering multi-tenant Office 365 and not sure the best way to migrate your content? Or have you already moved and need better control of your SharePoint and OneDrive for Business? Learn how MetaVis can help you improve your content ROI without any agents to install.
  • Does Your MigrationFeel Like a Maze?

    Want a sure fire way to succeed at your SharePoint migration? Successful migration projects include tagging, reclassifying, archiving and maintaining metadata as you migrate to SharePoint-on-prem or in the cloud.

Take Charge of Your Content in the Cloud

Thinking about Office 365 SharePoint but not sure the best way to migrate to Office 365? Have you moved to the Office 365 cloud and need tools to help control and manage that content?

As more content moves to the cloud, companies need the right tools to manage, secure and backup that content. Tools designed for the cloud that make it easy to move, secure and govern your most valuable asset – your information.

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Collaborate With Confidence

As you move more and more of your content into the cloud, the opportunity to share and collaborate increases significantly. So do your concerns over its management. It’s a double-edged sword if you aren’t careful.

With this increased access to cloud-based file sharing and storage tools like OneDrive for Business and Google Drive, you need to be able to secure and govern your organization’s content without eliminating the collaboration these solutions bring.

It’s not time to pull back on cloud-drives, it’s time to manage them appropriately. MetaVis has the tools for you to do just that and without having to install anything on your servers.

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Administer, Protect & Govern Your Content

The amount and type of content an organization consumes is increasing at an alarming rate. The challenge is to monitor, secure, and manage that content flowing through your SharePoint environment on a regular basis.

This means knowing what content you have, and how it’s accessed and used. More than ever, companies need detailed SharePoint analytics coupled with security, backup, and information architecture tools to effectively manage and govern their SharePoint environment.

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Architect, Migrate & Manage Your Content

What is the sure fire way to succeed at your SharePoint migration? Develop a SharePoint IA strategy and migrate SharePoint in a way that maps to your taxonomy structure. A successful migration project includes being able to tag, reclassify, archive and maintain metadata as you migrate to SharePoint - on-premises or in the cloud.

How you organize content is critical to how useful it is in your organization. You need the right tools to plan and manage your content as it’s used throughout your business -- from creation to archival, and as you move to different locations and platforms.

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Know Where Your Information Assets Are

Analyzing and securing content is a key part of the SharePoint and Office 365 governance strategy and if you aren’t doing it, then you don’t know your content. Proper tagging and classification, as well as adherence to industry standards is only part of the challenge that organizations face today. 

You need to define policies and rules and then scan all your content, down to the actual text within documents, regardless of where that data is located. This helps you know your content and take the appropriate actions to secure, tag and enforce compliance policies.

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